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Tring Station

Tring Station is part of the Aldbury Parish and very much part of the Aldbury Community. They have their own community centre, the historic Iron Room, which is available for rent - email or telephone 07554 769222

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Tring Station: About Me

Check out the Tring Commuters Group on Facebook

A friendly group where commuters and users of Tring Station share information about travel-related issues including delays, changes to the train schedule and strike action.

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Tring Station News

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Free thermal imaging survey for Tring residents

Is your home losing too much heat? Find out where your home is losing heat and target your heat saving measures with a free thermal imaging survey available through Tring in Transition.

How does it work? A trained volunteer from Tring in Transition surveys your home using a thermal imaging camera and produces a report. Surveys must be done when it is dark and the temperature is lower than 10 degrees. Surveys are run on a first come, first served basis.

This is not a professional heat loss assessment and no fees are charged, but a voluntary donation to Tring in Transition of £20 is welcomed to support these services and help more people reduce their energy bills.

Upgrading our train station

The new ‘Friends of Tring Station’ project is underway!

This initiative is aimed at improving facilities, enhancing biodiversity and providing communal spaces at the train station.

Ideas or suggestions from users of the station and the wider community are welcome - get in touch at to let us know your thoughts or if would like to volunteer.

This project is supported by London Northwestern Railway, Tring Residents Association and convened by Aldbury Sustainability Club who are helping with volunteers and resources.

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Tring Station: Services
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