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Filming in Aldbury

Aldbury has been used, over the years, as a beautiful background for many TV series and movies. Our residents are used to being asked to perform as extras in productions and rent their properties for shooting. We welcome respectful media groups who are considerate of our privacy, surroundings and community. To request permissions with relevant authorities, please contact the Parish Council first on


TV Shows


Film: Welcome
Smiling Man with Tie

Aldbury in Film

Aldbury is jokingly known as the Hollywood of the Home Counties due to its popularity with film producers. Many residents are avid film buffs too and there is a regular film club which shows movies current and vintage.

January 1995 - December 2000

Killing Eve


The Dirty Dozen

1980 –

Shillingbury Tales


Lord of Misrule



Quiz TV Show

Film: Credentials
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