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Health and Fitness

Aldbury and Tring Station residents participate in many sports and leisure activities. If you have a recommendation of an activity which is not mentioned here please let us know. Free to post as long as the activity is within parish boundaries!

There are many other fitness activities in Berkhamsted, Tring, Ivinghoe and Wiggington which may suit.

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Several different classes available

Get in Touch
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Several classes available

Get in Touch

Tennis Coaching


Nick Brooks


Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is a group class in the Feldenkrais Method which can bring an enhanced sense of well-being. It is a meditative and approachable  sequence of movement co-ordinations, suitable for people at any level of fitness and state of health and especially helpful for musicians. The learning process is a mindful exploration of gentle, intriguing movement, including focus on the breath. Please bring a mat or thick blanket to lie on and a rolled up towel for head support.

Health and Fitness: Resources
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