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Aldbury Outlook

Our Village Magazine

The Aldbury Outlook is a magazine published 10 times a year (every month except January and August).  It is run by a committee formed of local, unpaid volunteers.  We collate articles and news that we think would be interest to the community and have regular contributions from the church, school and parish council.  We also invite anyone with an interest or event to get in touch and we will publish what we are given.  The writer is always credited in the magazine as are any photographs printed.

We are however not editors and will not, as an organisation, write our own editorial nor will we amend or comment upon the articles that we are sent.  We do sometimes have to make some adjustment to what we are given for reasons of space in the magazine.  Some members of the committee will write their own pieces for publication, but these are credited to that individual.

We do not have ‘reporters’ who go and collect and comment on local news and so rely on local residents to send articles into us.  We therefore have a request that if you have a news article or piece that you think may be of interest then get in touch.

Our email address is:

The deadline for receipt of articles is the 14th of each month and the magazine is published on the 1st of each month.

We are also looking out for people to help on the committee and so if you want to get involved then get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

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The magazine covers its costs, it is not profit making and relies on subscribers and advertisers to continue to operate.  Should you wish to place an advert or know of anyone who might be interested in doing so then please drop us a line at:

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