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Community Survey

Aldbury is a busy and thriving village of families, commuters, entrepreneurs, creatives and retirees. Our wider community includes Tring Station which is included in the Parish Boundary. Each decade a group of volunteers conduct a survey and produce a community action plan to highlight the things we love and want to protect and those we need to improve. The current 2021 survey plan is complete and awaiting Parish Council response. It will be published here shortly.

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Community Survey: About Me

Want to make a difference? Volunteer to run or join a Community Action Plan Committee to ensure the desired outcomes expressed in the Survey are achieved over the next decade!

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Community Survey and Planning

The Parish of Aldbury and Tring Station in Hertfordshire covers 816 hectares and has around 450 households.

At the time of the last census (2011) the population of 964 was split equally between male and female with an average age of 41. In 2019, the ONS estimate of total population was 906. The latest data on population and households from the 2021 census will be published in Spring of 2022.

Surveys have been carried out in the village of Aldbury and wider parish over the years, both in 1991 and then 2011. The 2011 Parish Plan (found here on the Parish Council website) ended with the note that 'despite the generally high level of satisfaction expressed, improvements could be made to our local environment and community, and steps could be taken to help preserve the Parish from potential threats.'

This seems equally relevant 10 years on. The data collected in the most recent report provides a much needed update on the topics covered a decade ago along with additional issues applicab

residing population.

Community Survey: About Therapy
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