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Tulip Categories

There are many more types of tulip than we include classes for in the Spring Show but here is some guidance for those we do have.

Single Colour Bloom.png

Plain colour bloom

One strong colour and classic single tulip shape.
Can be early, mid or late season variety

Bi Colour Bloom.jpg

Bi-coloured bloom

Must show at least two distinct colours.   One colour can be dominant or the colours can be equally present eg viridiflora types.  Classic single tulip shape

Parrot Bloom.jpg

Parrot type bloom

‘Feathered’ effect on the petals

Double tulips.jpg

Double type bloom

One colour Multiple layers of petals.

Fringe Bloom.jpg

Fringe type bloom

Spiky edges to petals.  Can be single colours, bi-coloured or even doubles

lily Type.jpg

Lily type bloom

Petals flare out noticeably at the top.    Can be single colour or bi-coloured

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